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Set up camp – indoors! Suggest camping in their bedroom in a pop-up tent, or an improvised campsite on their bedroom floor, using sheets and chairs to create a tent.

Let your kids create their own world – a new landscape they can ‘travel’ to – and why not make a mini picnic for them (just make sure you clean up straight afterwards with Fairy, and a spritz of Febreze to blitz any lingering food smells and avoid attracting mice).

Discover historical adventures Forget the dusty stately homes of your youth – nowadays castles, museums and mansions are packed with exciting experiences for the kids.

Many museums offer thrilling ways for the kids to learn, and will keep you intrigued as well. Google your local museums to see what’s on.

Create a craft area for the kids If it’s turning out to be a damp summer, set aside a ‘messy space’ in the house, where they can get stuck into a big model-making project without having to clear it away every time the kitchen table is needed.

This gives them time to build something really amazing, as well as encouraging them to have a longer attention span. Go the full Blue Peter by filling a box with old toilet rolls, clean food cartons, spare wallpaper, snippets of fabric and other bits and pieces to improvise with, as well as paints, glue, child scissors, and a couple of books with projects in them.